Why I Still Use G Suite

Once upon a time, I was a super Microsoft fanboy. I had a Windows Phone, used Cortana often, and subscribed to Office 365 for the 1 TB of storage on SkyDrive, now OneDrive so all the photos from my glorious Nokia Lumia phone had an online backup. When I realized in 2015 that Windows Phone was dying a slow death, I decided to leave the Microsoft train, as I left the mobile platform that tied all these Microsoft services together, and did it well. The same couldn't be said for Microsoft's iOS and Android apps at the time, as the tight integration was not there, and they never felt fully featured. I then fully invested in Google's services, and almost never looked back. However with the Google outage that occurred this week, I decided to give Microsoft another shot. It didn't happen for long.

I had a document I needed to type, but the outage left me uneasy about trusting Google Drive at that moment. Although I do have LibreOffice installed as a just-in-case, I wanted to see if I could live in Microsoft's ecosystem. It had been a few years since I last used OneDrive, and in that time, absolutely nothing had changed. One of the reasons I switched from OneDrive was because it felt sluggish, and not polished. This did not improve. Outlook.com had made some great improvements in the same time span, but not OneDrive. Now, installing Office and OneDrive on a Windows PC is fantastic. Office is still the industry standard, and a joy to use, and the OneDrive sync app for Windows is wonderful with its placeholder feature allowing you to see all your files, but only download the specific files you need. Unfortunately, the web clients for Office are not so great. One missing feature is the fact that when there are more than two pages, the division between the two pages is not a blank space, it's a dashed line. This sounds like a minor issue, but when something this small is missing, it gives you an idea of how fully featured the web version of Office isn't. For me, this is a problem. Sure, I can install Office on all of my PCs, but I do a lot of things in mobile, and on devices that I can't install Office on. If I can only use the full features of an app from one specific platform, and everything else is limited, why would I choose that ecosystem?

This all started because I enjoy using the Windows Mail app, and I've always enjoyed the layout and feel of Microsoft Edge, so I figured I'd try to take the full plunge, but I was reminded why I left in the first place. Google is not perfect, and although Office is far superior, the ability to have the same experience across all platforms is greatly preferred.


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