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Reasons I Choose to Stick With Samsung Phones

I've had many phones over the years, but recently I made the decision to try to save money and go with a Moto G6 when I sold my Note8. The Moto G6 is a great phone, but it lacks some of the things I found I needed more than I thought. Here are a few of the features I enjoy about going back to Samsung with the Galaxy S10e: Samsung Pay. Sure, Apple and Google Pay exist, but not every establishment supports this. Samsung Pay is supported everywhere a card can be swiped, as the phone replicated a magnetic stripe on a card.Better camera. The Moto G6's camera was not its strong suit. I've missed the fantastic Samsung camera.Speed. The Moto G6 was not a speed demon. It was fast enough, but 6 GB of RAM on a flagship processor is fantastic.Wider Support. Motorola has done a great job of getting their phone and accessories for their phone out as much as they can. Unfortunately, we live in an Apple vs. Samsung mobile world, so Motorola phones will often not be in the big box stores i…