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Switching to Philo from Sling: My Thoughts on the Streaming Value Winner

Let me just say that I don't dislike Sling, in fact I still recommend it. However, I've been eyeing Philo from afar for a while now for a few reasons. First, I am a strange person, and I like having access to MTV Live, and MTV Classic: two channels that while I haven't really watched them for any extended period of time, I respect the fact that they exist. Second, the price: $20. How did Philo get there? They don't have channels that have sports, as well as no local networks.

The three big companies that provide sports programming are Disney/Fox, WarnerMedia, and Comcast. That means in addition to no sports from them, Philo doesn't have access to their general entertainment content. I can only assume this is due to these companies bundling their entertainment channels with sports channels. You can't get FXX without also carrying Fox Sports 1 and 2, or something like that. Is it a big loss? Kind of. Sure, I'll miss Conan on TBS. I'll miss movies on FX. …

Reasons why I use Android

Every so often, I like to take a look at the other side of the fence to see what iOS is up to. I gaze lovingly at Apple's ecosystem, iOS's generally smooth UX, and the two reasons most people will forever stick with iPhone: iMessage and FaceTime. These two services don't even do anything special that Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or any other messaging client can't do, it's just that it's built into iOS, and the user doesn't have to install anything else. Plus, Apple claims that they have full encryption, with jabs at Google in their ads saying that they aren't in the business of your business. Considering how bad Siri is in comparison to the Google Assistant or Cortana, I can tell they aren't harvesting user data to make it better. While things seem great in the gated community that is Apple, I tend to step back and reconsider my curiosity when I realize there's a lot about Android I simply appreciate more.

Better Navigation: When I talk to les…